Unlimited Remote Support

We use SolarWinds RMM, which  stands for Remote Monitoring and Management and is a software platform used to remotely manage desktops and servers.

We need to install a small piece of software called an Agent onto each computer and it will gather a whole range of information about any hardware and software being used on that device. The agent then uploads to the cloud portal where it can be accessed remotely by helpdesk technicians.

Features of RMM Systems

Good RMM solutions have a wide range of features, which will allow you to better manage your networks. These include:

  • remoteaccess.jpgRemote Access / Screen Sharing

    Allow our technicians to remotely connect to Windows®, Mac®, and Unix®-based systems at the click of a button wand the user accepting the connection. Giving our technicians quick access to devices allows for faster response times and making life easier for non-technical end users.

  •  Patch Management

    Roll out patches automatically based on policy settings. Want critical updates and service packs to install every Friday even for new devices added to the network? Set the policy and it will apply to the whole network. 

    Don’t leave it to chance and hope they install correctly. A solid RMM tool will automatically log a support ticket with your help desk via email alerting them if any issues arise that need resolving.

  • Antimalware / Antivirus

    Central management of antimalware software is essential in this world of increasing cyberattacks. If a device detects an issue with updates not loading correctly or it detects a possible virus, the agent will log a ticket to get it resolved quickly.

  • hardware_failure.jpgHardware Failure

    You won’t know if a server hard drive has failed or a UPS battery needs replacing. These issues need dealing with quickly before they cause you real problems. The RMM agent will constantly monitor the health of all hardware to detect failures and automatically alert your engineers.

  • Hardware and Software Auditing 

Auditing hardware and software is such a chore, but having an RMM agent deployed to all devices on your network means it’s already gathered the part and serial numbers of servers and workstations for you.  

Want to run out a list of all devices? 

Want to check the warranty status of all devices? 

Want to know how many copies of Office 2016 are deployed to the network? 

You can easily run an auditing report and collate all this information and more with ease.