It is all about YOU!

Because it’s all about YOU, we thought you’d at least like know a little more about your “personal IT go-to-guy” because we’re sure we’re going to be chatting with each other in the near future 😁 

In case you missed our previous email where we introduced ourselves, please click here to take a quick read. 

We are a team currently consisting of five humans and a bot – well the bot lives on our website and helps us to bring you great service. 

We have been lucky enough to have survived the ravages of the Covid-19 lockdown and have fortunately, prior to Covid-19, adapted to new ways of working.  

With so many people operating remotely during this pandemic, we are all experiencing an unprecedented blend of work and private life.   

We are fortunate to have our staff fully enabled to work from home and be fully operational with all the tools and systems to collaborate and operate the business. 

So what’s in it for you? 

🔌 Well, being a fellow victim of load shedding, we know how frustrating it is to power up your pc when the power comes back on only to find that the thing you were doing beforehand no longer wants to work!  

⚙ And how about those ever intrusive, pesky software updates? Sometimes basic things that were working fine, no longer work fine after the update has completed! (Huh, what’s up with that?) 

If you can relate to the above scenario’s and you need technical help then you simply choose to call us! Grapple IT – “your personal IT go-to-guy” 

You have the choice of picking up the phone 📞 and speaking directly with a human or sending a quick email 📫 to our helpdesk and a human will reply in writing. Either way, we are here to offer you our technical troubleshooting expertise, assistance and support. 

Well, that’s all for today. Look out for our email tomorrow which will shed even more light on how we can help you.  

Actually, I’m so excited I can’t resist, ….. you’ll find out about our UNLIMITED Remote IT Support! 📞  

Chat soon, 


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PPS : Don’t miss out on finding out about UNLIMITED Remote IT Support tomorrow!