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Okay, now that we’re not strangers anymore let me tell you about another benefit to simply choosing Grapple IT as your “personal IT go-to-guy”

It’s simple – you get FREE Managed Anti-virus/Anti-spyware AND Web Protection! 

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Okay, so back to the managed anti-virus/anti-spyware and web protection …. you may be asking yourself, “Why do I need this?” or “Do I really need PC anti-virus software in 2021?” 

We first need to realise that there’s a significant difference between managed anti-virus and run-of-the-mill unmanged anti-virus

Unmanaged anti-virus is an appliction running on your computer in a stand-alone environment offering basic protection against common viruses. 

Managed anti-virus uses a system watching component which reports to a cloud hosted server and will log tickets as soon as viruses or anomalies are detected whereby we are able to address the threat and resolve it immediately. We offer this superior product to you FREE. 

So the answer is YES you do – and here’s why. 

Dr Eric Cole,“Security is an afterthought, no one ever thinks about it until after the fact.”   

In a way, effective cyber-security is like the lifeboats on a cruise ship; nobody notices them until they’re needed. 

It’s not only viruses you need to watch out for 

The fact that we still refer to this type of software as “anti-virus” is kind of out of date. Whatever the term for it, threats out there are still very real.  

No longer do we have to be worried only about nasty viruses infecting our computers and wiping out our personal data. Malware is perhaps more common today, with a different tactic to achieve a still-nefarious goal. 

The worst part is that the “best” malware — if you can really even call it that — will quietly sneak onto your PC without you knowing. It’ll maybe lie dormant, hidden from view, but all the while, it will also do something you don’t want it to. 

You can never be too careful. 

You might think that you’re careful when you’re online, visiting reputable sites and downloading from official sources like the Windows Store, or iTunes.  

But here’s the thing: You’re never truly careful if you’re going online completely unprotected.  

There are all kinds of miscreants out there who want nothing more than to steal and cause mayhen by getting inside your PC. It sounds scary, but because much of our lives are now conducted online, the threat is as real as ever. 

Would you ride a motorcycle without a helmet? Even if you’re careful, there’s potential for disaster. 

The people coding viruses and malware know exactly how to get it out to the wider world. That’s why it still exists. But don’t think it won’t happen to you. That’s often precisely when it will. 😧  

So yes, you do still need antivirus software in 2021 but the GREAT NEWS is that you don’t need to worry about which software is the best or spend time comparing different software solutions because – we do that for you and GIVE it to you FREE! 

But in the event that you are wandering, click here to read about our chosen anti-virus solution, Bitdefender, one of the top anit-virus solutions, that keeps both known and emerging malware off your workstation, which as we’ve mentioned before, you will get FREE with the Unlimited Remote IT Support offer

On the web protection front, it comes down to once again keeping you safe.  Cybercriminals can gain access to your systems and steal sensitive information. Our web protection module will block malicious sites, protect against malware downloads, phising, adware, botnets and spam threats. It will also monitor daily usage with automated checks and alerts.  

Now that’s quite a mouthful, so to recap, the VALUE ADDED SERVICE that you get consists of  

  1. UNLIMITED Remote IT support, AND  

  1. FREE Anti-Virus/Anti-Spyware and Web Protection 

Now that’s a pretty awesome deal! Tomorrow we’ll send you another email detailing the other great benefits to simply choosing Grapple IT as your own “personal IT go-to-guy”. 

Chat soon, 

Sue Binedell

Co-owner, Grapple IT 

PS: Look out for our email tomorrow because not only will you find out about software bugs but we’ll also tell you about our 50% Valentine’s Sale.