Web Protection

SolarWinds® RMM web protection is a layer of security that
complements and goes beyond traditional antivirus and firewalls, helping to keep you safe and productive as
you browse the web.

With one click, cybercriminals can gain access to your
systems, steal sensitive information, and cause catastrophic
downtime. A significant data breach could spell ruin for you. 

SolarWinds® RMM web protection helps MSPs gain complete
control over web-filtering policies, set website blacklists, and
create time- and content-based browsing policies from a single,
easy-to-use, web-based console.

• Access controls – Block malicious sites and keep users safe.
• Threat protection – Protect against malware downloads, phishing,
adware, botnets, and spam threats.
• Monitor bandwidth – Monitor daily usage with automated checks
and alerts
• Reporting – View detailed analysis and report on suspicious and
blocked sites.
• Threat intelligence – Continually updated Webroot® BrightCloud®
intelligence keeps protection up-to-date

• Support client HR policies around internet – Block inappropriate content for the workplace, or limit access to social media sites during work hours or any time you choose. 

• Easy administration – Control users’ web browsing from a unified,
web-based console
• Custom policies – Use the default policies or create your own for
desktops, laptops, or servers
• Custom URLs – Add custom URLs to ‘dial-in’ protection
• Site blacklists – Define and enforce browsing policies that keep users
away from social media, web-based personal email, gaming, or other
non-work-related sites
• Time-based browsing policies – Modify backlist policies to allow users
to visit sites outside of business hours