Workstation Backups

Maximize employee productivity by minimizing workstation downtime

Employees rely on their workstations to perform their daily tasks and keep business going. Downtime can grind productivity to a halt, making customers unhappy and impacting their profitability. SolarWinds workstation backup allows you to manage backup and recovery for Windows and MacOS workstations from the same management console as servers and Microsoft 365 email.

A full system backup can help you restore complete desktops, laptops, or other workstations, including their data and underlying systems, to recover in case of device failure, destruction, or loss. Fast recovery helps keep employees productive and helps protect important intellectual property.

If you only need to restore a few lost files or folders, this same workstation backup can be used to easily navigate to and restore only what you need. There is no need for full-system recovery to restore a few items, so these small, everyday disasters can be handled quickly and efficiently.

Best of all, with SolarWinds® Backup you can view, manage, and troubleshoot workstation backups from the same unified dashboard as physical and virtual servers and Microsoft 365 data. This helps save administrative time every day, not just when recovery is needed.